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Eye Test Glasses


The Welsh Eye Care Service provides supplementary sight testing to people living in Wales.  In order to provide services under WECS the optometrist has to undergo further training to gain a special qualification.  All of our optometrists are qualified to provide the following services.
The EHEW examination  is a more thorough sight test for people at risk of eye disease, either by reason of race or family history, or those who would find losing their sight particularly difficult.  For example, if you have a hearing impairment or vision in one eye only.
You can also be referred for these tests either by your GP, pharmacist or other health care practitioner.  If you feel that you are having a problem with your eyes we can see you without a referral.  If the problem is deemed to be an emergency then we will aim to see you within 24 hours.
This type of sight test is funded by the Welsh Government and so is free to all patients, regardless of whether you usually pay for a sight test or not.

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