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During a routine Eye Test, we look at the back of the eyes with a light (an Ophthalmoscope) to check your eye health. If necessary, we then take a digital photograph of the back of the eye.
An Optical Coherence Tomography or OCT scan goes one step further by scanning through the layers of the eye and creating a 3D image helping us to see what is going on beneath the surface .
The scans can help us detect sight-threatening eye conditions earlier such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration even before you have any symptoms. In fact, glaucoma can be detected up to four years earlier.
OCT scans are recommended for people aged 25 or over, who want to know more about their eye health, or those who have diabetes, glaucoma, or have family history of eye disease.
Even if your vision and eye health are perfectly fine, it is useful to have a baseline image on our system so that we can monitor any changes over time. The next time you come in for an eye test, we can compare the images from your last visit to look for any change in the eye’s structures.

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