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Employer-funded sight test for VDU users

If you work with computers or other visual display units you may be entitled to have a sight test funded by your employer.  If you need glasses for the computer then your employer should also provide you with these.  Many employers have a scheme in place to provide funding for employees who need sight test and glasses.  We are able to see patients under the following schemes.

Eyecare Plan

Duncan & Todd


Eyecare Vouchers provided by Accor Services.

If your employer uses one of these schemes then you will not need to pay for your sight test.  If your employer does not use one of these schemes then we will provide you with full documentation, including receipts, so that you can claim the cost of your sight test back from your employer.

If you are an employer and wish to talk to us about providing sight testing and glasses for your employees please feel free to contact us.  

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