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We supply and fit contact lenses from a wide range of manufacturers including CooperVision, Johnson & Johnson and Ultravision.

We can correct almost all vision types with contact lenses no matter how complicated the prescription.

Daily Disposable – the ultimate in soft lens convenience

Monthly Disposable – soft lenses that offer the best value for money

Gas Permeable – hard lenses

Coloured – To enhance your natural eye colour

Multifocal – to replace you Distance and reading glasses

Toric – to correct astigmatism

Myopia Control – to slow down the progression of short sight

No hidden costs – Our prices include solutions (where necessary) and after-care fees.

Direct Debit Scheme – Spread the cost of your lenses evenly over the year.

Competitive Pricing – We constantly review our pricing and pass on any supplier discounts

If you are interested in wearing contact lenses and would like a

FREE contact lens trial

then please give us a ring on 01685 723785 

Your route to wearing Contact Lenses in three simple steps:

1: Assessment

We will spend some time with you assessing your suitability for contact lenses and discussing your expectations and needs including the number of hours in a day and days in a week you would like to wear lenses for. We will then explain the lens choices you have that best suit your vision and eye health and of course the costs involved.

2: Fitting

We have lots of trial lenses in stock so you can usually try the lenses the same day. Don’t worry if your prescription is a little more complicated the lenses will be available only in a day or two. We will then check your vision quality and fitting of the lens to ensure that we have the right lens for you. If everything is ok and you are happy with the lenses and the price then we will order your final lenses.

3: Collection

We will show you how best to put your lenses in and take them out and make sure that you are happy and confident in handling them. We will explain the cleaning process (not needed for daily disposable lenses) as well as a few do’s and dont’s and remind you of the wearing times the lenses are suitable for.

You can then take your lenses home and enjoy the freedom of vision without glasses.

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