Eye Examination

“Looking after the health of your eyes, not just checking to see if you need glasses”


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Private Sight Test

During a sight test we look at much more than just whether you need glasses or not. Having your eyes tested is a useful health check as we can detect many conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  We also screen all patients for signs of eye conditions including glaucoma, cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.  Early detection of these and many other conditions gives you the best chance of successful treatment, which is why we recommend that all people have regular sight tests even if they don’t need glasses.


NHS Sight Test

Some people are entitled to a free sight test and can even get help towards the cost of glasses.  If you think you qualify for a free test then feel free to ask one of our receptionists or discuss it with the Optometrist at your appointment.


Children’s Sight Test

We use different equipment for testing children’s eyes. Emphasis is placed on making the test engaging and fun.

We make sure that mum or dad understand the results of the test, and take time to explain where, when and why any glasses should be worn.


Welsh Eye Care Service (WECS) and Eye Health Examination Wales (EHEW)

The Welsh Eye Care Service provides supplementary sight testing to people living in Wales.  In order to provide services under WECS the optometrist has to undergo further training to gain a special qualification.  All of our optometrists are qualified to provide the following services.

The EHEW examination  is a more thorough sight test for people at risk of eye disease, either by reason of race or family history, or those who would find losing their sight particularly difficult.  For example, if you have a hearing impairment or vision in one eye only.

You can also be referred for these tests either by your GP, pharmacist or other health care practitioner.  If you feel that you are having a problem with your eyes we can see you without a referral.  If the problem is deemed to be an emergency then we will aim to see you within 24 hours.

This type of sight test is funded by the Welsh Government and so is free to all patients, regardless of whether you usually pay for a sight test or not.


Low Vision Assessment

This is a free service for people who have difficulty with their vision that cannot be corrected with glasses.  It comprises a comprehensive vision assessment with emphasis on how patients are managing with daily tasks.  We are able to prescribe a wide range of visual aids, including magnifying glasses, free of charge.  Patients do not need to be registered Sight Impaired (blind) to access the service and do not need to be referred by their doctor.  We have close links with social services through the low vision scheme and so can arrange other types of help and care for patients if necessary.  If you feel that you, or someone you know, needs a low vision assessment please contact your nearest branch and ask for a Low Vision Assessment.  You can find our contact details by clicking here or by clicking the About Us link at the top of the page.


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Fundus photography

We have a fundus camera in our practice in Merthyr Tydfil.  This enables us to take high resolution images of the back of your eyes. We can use this to monitor changes caused by all sorts of eye conditions. In particular, signs of glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration or diabetes.  It also helps us to make more accurate diagnoses of eye conditions and arrange treatment more efficiently.  If you would like to take advantage of this service please contact our practice in Merthyr Tydfil to book an appointment.


Vision assessment for Armed Services applications and other occupational applications including colour vision testing.

We are able to perform all necessary tests for a wide range of occupations including the armed services.  If you need a particular type of vision test for any reason please mention it to the receptionist when booking your appointment.  Don’t forget to bring all appropriate paper work with you!


Vision assessment for DVLA applications

We are able to provide information to help patients fill in an application for a driving license.  If you would like us to help you with this then please bring the paperwork with you when you come for your sight test.


Employer-funded sight test for VDU users

If you work with computers or other visual display units you may be entitled to have a sight test funded by your employer.

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